Benefits of Abhyanga Massage

Published: 19th March 2008
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Ayurveda is an elegant healing system that's been used for thousands of years. Abhyanga has been used to maintain doshic balance, thereby improving sleep, and supporting the overall health and well-being of the body. Abhyanga, or self-massage using oil, is especially soothing and helpful for Vata individuals this time of year. Oils are often medicated (meaning essential oils are added or herbs are infused into them) or can be simple sesame oil, sunflower oil, and the like.

Sesame oil has warming, grounding qualities so is best suited for Vata individuals. It is considered to be the "king of oils." If possible, use an untoasted, organic sesame oil.

Abhyanga Massage is usually done before bathing. We are a touch-deprived society, so it's all the more beneficial to stimulate our skin and nourish our bodies through touch. It's practically a survival tool for vata.

Begin by using a bath brush (dry), gently brushing the soft, flexible bristles over your skin. Begin at the tops of your feet and work your way up the body. Give yourself a scalp massage with your fingers (no nails, just the flat part of your fingertips. Use your judgment about applying oil to your face many do very well with it. However, be gentle because the skin of the face is more fragile.

Once or twice a week, use oil for your scalp and hair. It will give it a beautiful luster. I recommend Banyan's Bhringaraj Oil which is made specifically for hair and scalp massage.Your self-massage abhyanga ritual should last at least 5 minutes and go as long as 20 (with 20 minutes being best) so the oil and the herbs can be absorbed into the deep tissues of the body. Then, enjoy a warm bath or shower.

Benefits of Abhyanga (applying oil to the body) Softens and moisturizes the skin,Decreases the effects of aging, Supports good vision, Nourishes the body, Increases longevity, Benefits skin, Increases self-awareness of areas of tension, enhancing the mind/body connection. Please Purchase Online

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